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Vespa scooters have been in existence for years but there’s something about them that still exudes style and design (that are words you would not normally associate with a motorised scooter!) First built-in the 1940’s the Scooters was made instead of the motorbike. With it’s machinery and oily components hidden away by the rear engine casing it allowed someone so that you can ride a motorised bike without needing to concern yourself with oil stains on the clothing. Vespa scooters were first created in Italy where style and design are qualities that each and every Italian aspires to. Vespa embodied this Italian spirit achieving a balance between machine and magnificence.

The photo of tanned and suited Italians riding about on their Vespa scooters making use of their Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses was irresistibly cool. Never one to miss a trend, Hollywood soon cottoned onto the idea of the visual impact the Vespa scooter held and before too long the Vespa found itself on the silver screen. Featuring in movies including La Dolce Vita, An American in Paris, The Conversation, American Graffiti, Quadrophenia and much more the Vespa scooter quickly became something of the mechanical superstar. Perhaps the greatest endorsement Vespa can take is that lots of the world’s top celebrities have selected to obtain a Vespa scooter inside their PRIVATE life.

Celebrities including Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Anthony Quinn, Henry Fonda, Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Parker have got all owned Vespa scooters. Mickey Rourke was even arrested on his Vespa for drink driving! Vespa scooters have grown to be more popular then ever recently due to the current trend for retro fashion but additionally scooters in general have grown to be more popular because of their green credentials. Running costs for a scooter are a fraction of that relating to a motor car and then in today’s climate of high oil prices then it’s never been an improved time to get a Vespa scooter.

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Vespa Scooters have been manufactured because the end of WWII from the Italian Motorcycle giant Piaggio. The very first Vespa scooter was created as being a single model in 1946 from the Piaggio Company of Pontedera, Italy and it has broadened through the years right into a wide range of scooter models. Vespa Scooter have also retained a lot of the original features from their earliest designs in particular the highly distinctive and instantly recognisable paint work and pressed steel cowling which completely covers the rear mounted engine. They have also retained their flat plate floorboard and huge and distinctive front steel fairing although modern vespa scooter models are made from a variety of composite materials the entire aesthetics have remained fairly true towards the early types of the Piaggio motorcycle company.

Vespa Scooters soon gained prominence in Italy where they became a cheap and economical kind of transport for your post war masses and as with most things Italian feelings of style. Increased interest and growing orders from abroad helped to forge the achievements of Vespa Scooters and through the turn in the 1950s Vespa were the foremost and best global Scooter manufacturer and seller.

Vespa Scooters together with their Italian Rivals Lambretta Scooters have become Synonymous with the Swinging sixties of Great Britain where these were the chosen kind of transport for the style conscious Mod movement. Vespa have retained a comparable kudos towards the present day because they are still considered among many scooter lovers because the most stylish of scooters.

Piaggio the first maker of Vespa’s was originally a fighter plain manufacturer for that Italian Military. Plus it was soon after the War when Enrico Piaggio decided to turn the company he inherited from his father Rinaldo Piaggio in to a motorcycle manufacturer. Vespa scooters quickly caught on in war torn and bankrupt Italy with the common man as semqgi offered a cheap and affordable form of transport in a country just starting to overcome the War.

Piaggios inspiration for your Vespa design was drawn from your US Cushman Scooter that had appeared in Italy towards the end of WWII courtesy of the US Military. The first designer in the E10 Scooter Problemen was Piaggios Engineer Corradino D’Ascanio.

D’Ascanio was never keen on conventional Motorcycles and chose to make the vespa with Handlebar Gear changes and on a Spar shaped frame with small wheels as well as an engine mounted at the back from the cycle and a front protector to enable the rider greater comfort. The seating configuration was made with users in mind including women where it could be possible due to the style of the scooter fro a female to where a dress. It had been also desired to include a glove box for storage over the petrol tank and underneath the seat, further aiding riders in their comfort and allowing the carrying of additional luggage.

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